Community Partner Essex Soap Refill is now back at Waldorf Moraine! Reduce single-use plastics by refilling your containers with soap, bath, body and home care and cleaning products. Products are high-quality, earth-friendly, non-toxic and made by companies that are committed to sustainability. Please note that campus pick-up is open to WSMF community members only.


1. Place a refill order through the order form at Make sure to select “Pick up at Waldorf Moraine” as your drop location.
2. Drop off your clean, empty containers in a bag with your name, in the pick up/drop off bin next to the bicycle rack or drop it off with Anita Haller O’Neil by Tuesday 2:45 pm. Make sure to label each container with the product you want in it.
3. Pick up your refill on Thursday after 2:45 p.m.

If you have questions about the products or ordering process, please email