Thursday September 30th saw our campus host family and friends as students staged our annual Michaelmas pageant. Students created an allegorical drama, filled with first grade shining meteors, second grade gnomes, third and fourth grade farmers, fifth grade warriors, sixth and seventh grade messengers, and 8th graders in the roles of nobles, dragon, and Michael as spirit helper; that element of inner strength which allows us to bring light and warmth into the darkness.  As “Michael” spoke her lines: “Sparks from my sword I send, swift be the dragon’s end!” an airplane roared overhead; that beast bellowing exhaust and guzzling petrochemicals. The dragon was subdued by the warriors and nobles, and then transformed and ennobled by dousings of flower petals. May we meet approaching challenges with as much beauty and integrity as portrayed by the students, and may they learn to meet great adversity with inner strength, warmth and light.  The day continued with strong work as students applied their will to sanding their desks, using their own as well as the “dragon’s power” (in the guise of power sanders) for solid purpose.