Each year our school, and many other Waldorf Schools around the world, celebrates Michaelmas (pronounced Mickel-mas) with a festival or theatrical play, in addition to community service projects. The intent is to honor St. Michael, the mythical Dragon-slayer. Through the legend of Michael, we understand the autumnal resurgence of human strength, willpower, and striving to overcome our inner Dragons or struggles may have flourished during summer’s dreamy warmth and forgetfulness.

With its roots in England, Michaelmas is a holiday celebrated on September 29, marking the end (and beginning) of the farmer’s year. The holiday provides an opportunity to undertake tasks to improve and care for one’s surroundings. Our school will be celebrating on September 30th with our traditional pageant followed by works of service around campus. Check back next week for photos and to learn more about how we celebrated!

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