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Here we are; quite suddenly apart from each other. We all have different circumstances but in general, we are all participating in a strange human experiment imposed by Mother Nature.

If the mission of the WCA is to bring us into the warm arms of a bonded community then we have a unique challenge to provide that at a time when our community could otherwise drift away from each other.

From what we hear, most of us are beautifully focused on our families. Sure, we are pulling our hair out over certain limitations especially with young children at home all day (pause for a deep breath) but we are also permitted to stay the heck home and stop over-scheduling ourselves and burning the candle at both ends. That is wonderful. We do not wish to disrupt that cultural shift.

We do wish to allow the connections we have established throughout our school to stay warm and intact. We do wish to reach out and remind everyone about that bond.

Please watch this space for our efforts to let you know our ties go beyond the day to day encounters and greetings and playdates.

If you all have any ideas or requests for us please do contact us at wca@waldorfmoraine.org

In health and gentle humanity,
Your WCA officers

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