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The WSMF Mask Making collective, led by parent Natalie DiBello, has been hard at work creating thousands of masks for neighbors, friends, families and healthcare workers – near and far.

The team has received generous donations from friends and families (Caitlin Auguste, looking at you!), and our team has made and distributed masks to:

  • Newton-Wellesley Hospital, MA
  • Mount Auburn Hospital, MA
  • Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, MA
  • Tufts Medical Center, MA
  • Mission Heritage Hospitals, CA
  • Kaplan Family Hospice House, MA
  • Pine Street Inn, MA
  • Hattie Ide Chaffee Home, RI

Heather Collis Puro has also been assembling and distributing mask making kits for the eighth graders.

Want to join in? We welcome everyone in our Facebook group!

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