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I recently met a local woman who started a nonprofit called Sewpportive Friends. They provide young women with reusable, handmade feminine hygiene materials and teach them how to sew for themselves. In doing this, they are providing them with a necessity that will encourage and help sustain their education, and work towards a resolution of the feminine hygiene crisis in these communities.

I have been helping by tracing and cutting pattern pieces which will be used during their November trip to Zimbabwe. I have traced the simple pattern pieces on fabric and am now looking for assistance in cutting them out.

This Thursday from 3:00-5:30 pm I will cutting pieces in the Trayes Room. It’s not complicated, just takes some time. If you are free please come by, I’d love your help.

If you can’t make it on Thursday but would like to assist, I can give you some fabric and scissors to cut at home during the week. Email me or stop by my office for the materials needed.

Check out the Sewpportive Friends website for more info

Thanks so much!


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