At the start of this year, Waldorf School at Moraine Farm announced a plan to re-examine and revamp the way our school approaches literacy. Our plan to do so focuses on three key elements:

-work with external partners to understand where our current program excels and where we can provide additional support

-seek out best practices that can be integrated with our Waldorf pedagogy

-provide professional development for our faculty to support their instruction

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Kristen Williams, founder of The Reading Studio to begin our work in this area. We selected The Reading Studio as a partner because of their core belief that each child’s path to learning is unique, and commitment to treating each student’s engagement with literacy as something special– tenets that resonate strongly with our existing Waldorf pedagogy. We are also thrilled that The Reading Studio is located right here in our Beverly community.

As our literacy initiative progresses we are committed to updating our families and community members. As we begin this exciting adventure, we encourage you to visit The Reading Studio’s website and learn more about Kristen’s work.