Greetings to our Moraine Farm Community,

The year 2021 has been one filled with numerous unexpected turns, however the community has continued to weather those changes and is keeping the mission of Moraine Farm alive. For this we feel gratitude, and on the behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to take the time to thank all of you.

Since 2020, the entire country has rallied around social justice causes more robustly and has also struggled to find ways that are healthy and careful when it comes to managing a global pandemic. This community seen changes and challenges, but has leaned in to develop a vision of leadership that continues to forge ahead while keeping children at the center.

Our school is fortunate to be led by interim leadership team members, Vanya Yoors and Coleen Ryan, who have ably partnered to support a leadership transition. The governance model also includes consultation with the faculty and the legal and fiscal governance of the Board of Trustees. The desire in this shared model is to work in concert, so that there is equity of voices and mutuality in understanding priorities.

Our Board has also undergone its own transformation with regard to its composition over the last several months. We are grateful for the leadership of former chair, Teri Riddle and to those board members who served until late summer 2021.

The current Board includes faculty liaisons Kate Hill and Rebecca Rugo; Other board members include Zoe Cohen, Dr. Megan Reyes-Wangh, Matt Sumner (Treasurer), Jennifer Beardslee (Secretary), Tim Baugher, and Board chair, Dr. Kenann McKenzie-DeFranza. Vanya Yoors and Coleen Ryan are ex-officio (non-voting) members. The Board is also supported by Consultant Lisa Mahar, who has 27 years of Waldorf leadership experience.

We welcome the community’s engagement and communications in and effort to maintain an environment that is responsive. As a Board, our mission and charge is to ensure the viability of the school and to share in the governance. We do so most effectively with your engagement and we aim to steward this mission wholeheartedly. Thank you for your support to the Moraine Farm Community!

Kenann McKenzie-DeFranza, Ph.D.
Board President/Chair,
As of September 2021