The days are growing shorter, and here at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, we greet the coming dark of Winter with a very special tradition– the Lantern Walk. The Lantern Walk is a beautiful and reverent time where we will take our lanterns into the dark woods and sing into the night. This festival is similar to the Spiral of Light in that it is enveloped in a quiet, reverent mood. It’s an opportunity to have a quiet, inward moment with the children. Each year, some of our youngest students gather and carry glowing lanterns through our wooded paths while singing beautiful songs. Students construct their lanterns, usually incorporating one of their watercolor paintings from class, and in this way, they are more symbolic of the inner light that we create within each one of us. At this time of year, we begin to tend this inner fire within us through acts of service, and by showing kindness to all. Below are the lyrics to one of our many Lantern Walk songs so that you too may participate in this beautiful tradition, wherever you may be.
Clear and Dark the Night”
Clear and dark the night
Stars are very bright
Lanterns shining seem so small
See in single file we walk along
Singing joyfully our lantern song
We go through the land 
Like the wild geese band
Children of the Light are we