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This Health and Wellness discussion is presented by our own, Heidi Henrickson Zohn DC, DACCP. Heidi is a parent of a 2nd grader and 7th grader at our school. She is a Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor and a Wellness Lifestyle Expert. Many of us are familiar with her invaluable coaching on the use of essential oils for health. Her presentation will help us learn more about how to boost immunity as we enter the winter cold and flu season. Topics for discussion include nutrition for picky eaters, probiotic and gut health, necessary supplements, and the importance of sleep. She has recently given this presentation to a crowd at Winchester Hospital and it is not to be missed. This event is scheduled primarily for the convenience of our early childhood families. All families are welcome to join. By request, we will try to plan an evening session with Heidi later in the winter. There is also babysitting available during the program, contact Linda Wrinn to arrange childcare.