With the abundance of emails landing in your inbox, we wanted to take this opportunity to follow up on all of our MyMedBot messages. By now you should have received an invitation email from MyMedBot containing a code. Once you download the free app to your phone, you’ll be prompted to enter this code.

In order to keep school in person we need to ensure that our community is healthy prior to attending school each day. As we have shared in our school’s reopening guide, we are requiring each student family, faculty, and staff to complete a daily health screening via MyMedBot by 7:45 AM. This should be completed on your smartphone every school day and displayed to staff upon arrival. Remember — GREEN MEANS GO! RED STAY HOME!

To help prepare you for Drop-Off time this Wednesday, a video has been created to demonstrate how the morning rhythm will flow.

If you are unable to find the invitation email, reach out to Marshunda Smith, as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can access this helpful and informative user guide for MyMedBot.

IF you get to the end of the questions and the app turns RED you must stay home and we will call you by 9 am to find out more about your situation. Do NOT come to school if you get a RED response.