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From First-Grade Teacher, Branigan Reed:

In October I was speaking with my mom about how challenging it was to be a first-grade teacher and know we are unable to be in physical contact with each other very much, due to COVID. Like the students, I was particularly missing HUGS! So, my mom being the rock star that she is, offered to make each student a hug helper shawl to bring us all some comfort despite the distance we have to maintain.

She handmade the shawls in each child’s favorite color with coordinating flowers to be planted on my shawl, named the peacock flower garden. I told the children about how these beautiful gifts would help us to be able to magically send hugs to wrap each other up throughout the day. Some began sending hugs immediately!

These shawls will stay at school until summer vacation (or a switch to distance learning), and I will ensure they are cleaned regularly with our other class materials to maintain a healthy classroom.

I have attached photos so that you can see my mom’s beautiful gifts and how much love and warmth the first-grade feathers are surrounded by each and every day!

With love & gratitude,

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