Introducing the Class 3/4 Farm to Farm Market on Wednesdays!

From learning about the craft and science of farming on Moraine Farm to experiencing the rhythms of farm life during their stay on Hawthorne Valley Farm, this year class 3/4 is discovering how people put down roots and live upon the earth.

You can help support our Class 3/4 farmers by visiting the new Farm to Farm Market! The market will be open each week this fall for you to pre-order soup, pickles, bread and seasonal goodies prepared by Class 3/4 parents and students. Or stop by the table at the 1:00 or 2:45 dismissals on Wednesdays to see what’s available. Payment can be made via PayPal, Venmo or checks made out to WSMF Class 2026-27.

What’s on the table for October 6?
Beardslee’s Lemongrass Coconut Curry
$15/quart (vegan, gluten & dairy free)

Beardslee’s Green Chicken Chili
$20/quart (gluten & dairy free)

Maitland Mountain Farm Pickles and Dilly Beans

A&J King Artisan Bakers Wheat Bread

Lemaitre’s Sourdough Bread

Maitland Mountain Farm and WSMF Garden Flower Bouquets

Visit to check out the menu for October 13 or to make a donation.

We appreciate your generosity and support!