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Curious how much our wonderful school raises for the events and fundraisers we have had this year? Before we share the numbers we wish to express our deepest thanks for making each event so successful!  As you can imagine, raising funds for our school during a pandemic has been tricky and we are blown away by what our community has pulled off together. 

We also appreciate the staff, faculty, and parents helping spread the word, gathering donations, and making things happen internally. This gives new meaning to the popular phrase many hands make light work. We appreciate all the support, suggestions, and tremendous efforts put forth by you all.

With deepest gratitude,

The Development Committee
Heidi Zohn, Hayley Beaudoin, Laura Freysinger, Natalie DiBello, and Kate Hill

  • September Night Hike – $405
  • Family Fun 5K – $3,437
  • Fireside S’mores & Cider – $475
  • Catalog Advertisements – $975
  • Print Making – $190
  • Boon Catalog – $139
  • Holiday Fair Pop Up – $1,000
  • Holiday Cookie & Ornament Sales – $645
  • Plant & Wreath Sales – $217
  • Carnation Flowergram – $1,902
  • March calendar raffle – $8,640

Totaling over 18K! Plus we still have the gnome fun run and raffle coming up as well as more outdoor events for families and the highly requested adults-only social gathering opportunities. Stay tuned!

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