Something Exciting is Blooming this April!

Environmentalism is a fundamental part of Waldorf pedagogy. Every day we are called to be good stewards of our campus and of the world at large. Throughout the month of April we will have special programming focused on the many ways we can be better stewards of the Earth.

Special Events

April 6th - Guest Speaker

In an increasingly built-up world, what does food production look like? Join us for a virtual presentation on the work of Higher Ground Farm and their rooftop farms from  WSMF alum Lindsay Allen! Visit the school calendar for details.

April 29th - Bat Hike

We’re just batty about bats! Join us for a night hike on campus to scout for bat colonies, learn fun facts about nature’s pest control, and collect data for a citizen science project! Reserve your spot!

April 30th - Environmental Celebration

Come together as a community to celebrate the planet. Learn how to recycle and make paper, exchange seeds for your garden, tour New Entry’s farm, and more! 11:30 – 3 on campus.

April 26th - Guest Speaker

Interested in the environmental impacts of the fishing industry? Niaz Dorry, director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, talks about sustainable fishing. Visit the school calendar for details.


Ongoing Initiatives

Park Visit Bingo

Get outside and explore

Massachusetts has some incredible parks and reservations, and we encourage you to get outside this month and learn more about our local treasures. Not sure where to start? Download our Park Visit Bingo card for some ideas! Share your adventures with us on social media by tagging us (@waldorfschoolmoraine) and using the tag #ParkVisitBingo.

Turkey Tipline

Collect Data on Local Wildlife

Help MassWildlife with their Annual Brood Survey! The brood survey helps biologists protect and ensure that local wildlife thrives. Turkey nesting success can vary annually in response to weather conditions, predator populations, and habitat characteristics. Have you spotted turkeys around Massachusetts? Report your sighting to our Turkey Tipline! Check out our identification guide too!

Community Cookbook

Go green by eating more greens

There are lots of little things we can do in our daily lives that help the planet. One thing to consider is reducing how much meat we consume. If you’re interested in trying some new vegetarian recipes for your next meatless Monday, then we’ve got your covered! Check out our community cookbook and share your cooking by tagging us on social media (@waldorfschoolmoraine)!

Outdoor Life on our Campus

Most institutions have pedestrian landscaping. We don’t! That’s because our Outdoor Life Committee built on an early landscaping plan to create an original set of gardens with plants that give beauty to us and food and homes to wildlife.


Solutions to Plastic Pollution

If you think of a typical day, and how much plastic you use and throw away, you may be surprised to hear that just in the US, it adds up to about 36 million tons of plastic waste each year.  We’re talking about 3.6 million garbage trucks of plastic waste!

The History of Solar Power

Widespread use of solar panels has soared in recent decades, but the idea of harnessing the sun’s energy isn’t new at all. Understanding the history of solar technology helps us see how it’s bound to stick around.


Seafood Seasonality Chart

Guest speaker Niaz Dorry, Coordinating Director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, shared resources for sourcing seafood sustainably with our community. Check out this chart from Mass. Dept. of Fish and Game to find out what’s in season!


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We’re always looking for new ideas to help engage our community. Reach out to the marketing office with questions or feedback. We appreciate your help!

Thanks for Caring About Our Planet!

Check back throughout April for Updates

They say it only takes a few good people to make a change. We’re proud to have a community full of good people!