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This is your chance to literally have a hand – or foot – in shaping our community. The WCA along with the school’s Outdoor Life Committee is taking on the project of restoring the school’s earth oven located just inside the traffic circle. Once completed, the oven will again be a source of warmth, help foster community, and produce freshly baked bread! Please consider taking part in this group that will bring the oven back to life. Tasks will involve design input, working with your hands, and stomping out the foundation mixture. Beginning with a practice run on Sunday, April 28th, a family-oriented gathering will be held to understand the ancient history and roles of earth ovens, and to do a “practice” run making smaller versions that you can take home.

The following weekend, May 4-5, we will rebuild our school earth oven.

We also hope to review a proposed plan for the surrounding grounds that was produced as part of Ben Hacker’s (Class of 2013) 8th Grade Project on landscaping.  Friends and alumni are welcome. If anyone knows of a source for free clay, sand or dried grass, please let us know. Materials will be sourced as naturally and locally as possible. Please contact Linda Wrinn at lmwrinn@gmail.com if you have any questions.