There is significant interest in our school’s early childhood programs. This is no surprise, as we have an inspiring developmentally healthy curriculum that meets the children and allows them to unfold in a natural wholesome manner. We also have striving dedicated teachers who care deeply for the students.

For all these reasons and more, we are excited to announce that next year we are adding a second kindergarten as well as a second 3-day nursery. We are fortunate to have experienced teachers to carry these programs.

We are pleased to announce that Brian Fizer will be our second kindergarten teacher. Brian started working at our school last summer when he worked at our summer camp. This year he works as an assistant in our large kindergarten. Previously Brian worked for over a decade teaching in both Boston and Salem public schools. He has a Masters in Education and has served as the Chair of the Climate Committee, Visual Thinking Strategy Liaison with the Gardner Museum, and more. He brings a wealth of background and broad experience in education to his new  role at our school.

Anna Scalera will be the lead teacher of our additional three day nursery class. We are happy to welcome her back to our school where she taught prior to starting her own family. She served here as a class teacher, taking a class from fourth grade through eighth grade. Since then she has worked at Cairn Hill Nature Preschool as well as teaching at a Waldorf inspired homeschool program. Anna has her Masters in Education from Antioch University as well as her Waldorf Certificate. She also teaches as an adjunct professor at Antioch’s Waldorf teacher-in-training program. She brings a wealth of Waldorf teaching experience from our school as well as from several other schools and programs.