Traditionally, our school celebrates Michaelmas (pronounced Mickel-mas) with a festival or theatrical play, in addition to community service projects. The intent is to honor St. Michael, the mythical Dragon-slayer astride a white steed, who bears an iron sword flashing like a meteor. Michael’s legend symbolizes the autumnal resurgence of human strength, willpower, and striving to overcome our inner Dragons — laziness, greed, doubt, fear of the future — who may have crept over us unnoticed during summer’s dreamy warmth and forgetfulness.

With its roots in England, Michaelmas is a holiday celebrated on September 29, marking the end (and beginning) of the farmer’s year. The holiday provides an opportunity to undertake tasks to improve and care for its surroundings; in fact, many Waldorf schools around the globe work this into their annual celebration.

While there won’t be a festival this year, the spirit of Michaelmas continues to live on with individual class crafts and community service projects. Here’s a summary of what our classes are preparing:

  • Parent & Child: will be dyeing golden capes to honor the festival.
  • Daisy Nursery: wet felting and dyeing shooting stars golden yellow.
  • Grade 2/3: Going around the lake and picking up litter.
  • Grade 7: Ana and Amanda will work on beginning a penpal relationship with senior citizens who feeling extra disconnected due to the virus.

To learn more about Michaelmas and its connection to the international Waldorf community, you can read this insightful post on our blog — Click Here to view.