Dear WSMF Families,

This past week, we entered into the month of December and our youngest children will participate in the Spiral of Light this coming weekend. This festival provides an opportunity for each of us to engage in quiet self-reflection and meditation as we enter into the darkest days of the year. Some of the many questions we, as adults, may consider are: How can I keep my inner light aglow? What feeds my inner development? How do I want to nourish myself this winter? This month’s theme of Striving gives us an opportunity to explore those questions and more as we engage in activities that help us to both reflect and look ahead to where we want to move toward.

Because we are unable to come together for a community spiral this year, you are invited to participate in a virtual project that will collect and share our community strivings. Using a helpful web tool called Flipgrid, each member of our community is invited to record a short video where you can share a word or phrase describing your personal striving for this year. Feel free to hold a candle in your recording so that we can share our light with each other. Student emails should be accepted at log-in and there is a password that parents can use to participate as well. Please use the following information to participate.
Password: Spiral2020

Check back in on the link throughout the month of December as we grow our spiral by sharing our intentions with each other. Always remember: the light, love, student & teacher in me, recognizes the light, love, student & teacher in you.

Creating your own spiral at home could be another family activity you might choose to participate in. For a more traditional, spiral you will need evergreen boughs or branches, candles, apples, and perhaps some shells, stones & crystals to decorate as you wish. Feel free to make it your own and create the spiral on a beach with driftwood, or decorate with flowers. Make this tradition meaningful for you and your family. We’d love to see how you choose to celebrate, so please share pictures with us!

Branigan Reed
First Grade Class Teacher, SEL Specialist