Board of Trustees

The Board’s main responsibility is the school’s strategic direction and its fiscal health. The Board is responsible for all legal concerns of the school and works to ensure the school is in a position to achieve its mission.

Board of Trustees Members

Teri Riddle, Chair
Ryan Beaudoin, Treasurer
Heather Collis-Puro
Caroline Horner
Liam O’Laughlin
Heidi Pulkinnen
Branigan Reed
Luciano Sappia
Vanya Yoors
Heidi Zohn

The Board organizes its practical work through the following committees:

Development Committee

Organizes all fundraising activity, cultivates donor relationships and builds social connections within the school and between the school and the larger community.

Finance Committee

Makes recommendations to the Board about financial policies and, with the Operations Manager, facilitates budget processes.

Marketing/Enrollment Committee

Develops materials, promotes events, and liaises with the media to increase the school’s exposure in surrounding communities.

Tuition Adjustment Committee

Recommends tuition adjustment policy, reviews recommendations from outside tuition grant management service, reviews applications for tuition assistance, and makes awards to families.

Site Committee

Works with the Facilities Manager and administration in the oversight and use of the facility and grounds.

Diversity Committee

Recommend ways to enhance all forms of diversity at the School, and to celebrate the diversity that exists within the community.

Advisory Council

In addition to the committees, the Advisory Council assists the Board in its work. The Advisory Council, which began in spring 2006, is appointed by the Board of Trustees and meets to help the Board of Trustees address issues of immediate concern as well as longer-term planning and policy issues. The Advisory Council is not a decision-making body. Rather, its members provide perspective, insight and advice for the Board of Trustees as the Board carries out its work.

The Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Advisory Council is comprised of people who have been dedicated to the school and have supported it in a wide variety of ways. Many are former Board members, founders or long-time friends, and they meet 3-4 times per year to assist and advise the Board of Trustees. The Advisory Council brings their varied business experience, deep knowledge of the school, long history with this community and their informed perspectives to help the school grow and thrive. We are deeply grateful for their commitment and participation.


Advisory Council Members

Tina Blythe
Anita Brewer-Siljeholm
Michael Higgins
Karl Pulkkinen