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I am an outgoing, enthusiastic, happy childcare professional who loves playing games, romping in the woods and going on mini adventures. I have been taking care of children for nine years and in that time held responsible for the safety of up to six children ranging from the age of two to ten. Along with my extensive babysitting experience, I worked at a Sandy Bay Nursery for a semester and La Tierra Community School for one year. In the nursery, I taught songs, games, encouraged peer interaction, and ensured safety. At La Tierra, I worked alongside the fourth-grade teacher in a classroom of 20 students by leading morning routines and lessons and working one on one as a tutor to students needing extra help. I spent many summers working for an outdoor art camp and an outdoor education program for high schoolers. These experiences taught me vigilance, safety, stamina, and strong communication skills. I enjoy spending my time with children because it allows me to have fun and carry responsibility.

During my time in college, I have taken many education classes including, “cultivating learning though school gardens,” “youth empowerment,” “children and nature” and “interpersonal communication.” In the future, I hope to work at an outdoor education program to foster kids growth.


Jennie Yoors

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