The story of Harry Potter is arguably the most well known story in the world, but what if behind the familiar adventure was another less well known story? Enter Puffs the 8th Grade class play which digs a little deeper to share the story of some characters who were not destined to save the world… they were just there to witness it.

To learn a bit more about the production we sat down with 8th graders Velia, Eden, Gillian, and Delilah. Read about what they had to share in the interview below!

*Note, answers have been edited for length and clarity


What role(s) do you play?

V: Cedric Diggory, Ernie Mac, Snape, Lockhart, Binns, and more!

E: Wayne Hopkins

G: Meghan Jones

D: Hannah and Professor McGonagall


Do you have a favorite part about rehearsing or performing?

V: I like the part we’re in now– at the end of rehearsing but we haven’t performed yet. You feel like you might mess everything up, but you also know you won’t really.

E: My favorite part is building the sets and seeing everything come together. We also have some really cool props! Getting to play an awkward lovestruck teenage boy is also really fun though.

G: I like the part when you’re finally off book. I like being able to start acting and stop memorizing.

D: I like the whole process leading up to the performance. I enjoy watching everything unfold and come together as it gets closer and closer to being a full production.


In your opinion, what is the takeaway from this play?

V: There is a great line in the play about how Puffs are failures and will never stop being failures, but you also realize that if you never stop trying then you can never really be a failure. There’s also the overwhelming cheesiness of the play, it’s funny in its awkwardness!

E: For me there was a great moment in the play about how everyone has a little Puff in them. It’s about doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. I think that’s the message.

D: Something I’ll take away from the experience is knowing how important organization backstage is! It’s tough to find all of our props quickly!


Without giving too many spoilers, do you have a favorite line from the show?

V: “I’m the not Puffiest person you’ll ever meet. Got it?”

E: “Yippee ki-yay mother puffer”

D: ^^Same!

G: “Avadake- *explosion mouth noises*”