This past Friday marked my 91st day at our school! Reflecting on this, I noticed that it felt tremendously difficult to put into words the joy that our school brings to me each day. So, I wanted to give it a shot and share a list of 91 sentiments to help articulate my gratitude for and love of our school and its community that I have developed in this short amount of time. I hope that each of you will find yourself in the following…

  1. I am grateful to each of our Founders for having dreamt up and given life to our school.
  2. I am grateful to each of our teachers for their dedication to our students, each other, and to the functioning of our school.
  3. I am grateful to each member of our administrative team and their tireless efforts to keep our school operating in a safe, healthy, and joyful manner.
  4. I am grateful to each of our students for their laughter, love, and eagerness to learn and be part of our community.
  5. I am grateful to each of our parents for partnering with us to keep our school open in person and safe for all members of our community.
  6. I am grateful to our past families who have entrusted us with their children’s growth over the years.
  7. I am grateful for our founding families who were the first to see the value of our school for their children.
  8. I am grateful for all the children that stop by my office to wave, blow kisses, and tell me stories!
  9. I am grateful for our abundant and beautiful farm which we have used for distance learning over the last three months.
  10. I am grateful to New Entry for partnership with our science and nature program to help our students learn about the functioning and operation of a farm and community-supported agriculture (CSA).
  11. I am grateful to Project Adventure for partnering with us on the use of the farm for outdoor classrooms as well as the Yurt.
  12. I am grateful to the Douglas-Hamilton family who lives on the farm and partnered with us on the use of land for our outdoor classrooms.
  13. I am grateful for our development committee who has worked hard to reimagine our events in order to best support the school during a pandemic.
  14. I am grateful for the entire Waldorf Community Association (WCA) and co-chairs Linda and Leah for their tremendous work in working to educate and provide opportunities to connect for our parents.
  15. I am grateful for our new and beautiful quad which has tremendously supported our outdoor learning program.
  16. I am grateful for our Board who has worked tirelessly to help our school through strategic initiatives.
  17. I am grateful for our Board Chair Teri Riddle whose tireless support and love for our entire community has carried us through sunshine and storm alike.
  18. I am grateful to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee for bringing significant and important topics to be addressed throughout our school’s operations and curriculum.
  19. I am grateful to the Faculty Leadership Circle and their work to support the pedagogical growth of the school.
  20. I am grateful to the COVID Reopening Task Force for creating robust plans for our reopening in September as well as ongoing work to keep our community open in person and safe.
  21. I am grateful for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) as our accreditation bodies and whose support and resources we rely on heavily.
  22. I am grateful for the Beverly Board of Health and our medical representatives for their support and resources as we navigate the pandemic.
  23. I am grateful for the class of 2019, the current grade ⅔ class, The Crossland Group, and all the adults involved in the planting of our new elm tree.
  24. I am grateful for warm huck-a-buck bread!
  25. I am grateful to have been given the honor of being a “pocket lady” during our adjusted Enchanted Caravan pop up day!
  26. I am grateful for the sheer natural beauty of the Moraine Farm and notice its beauty every day while driving onto campus.
  27. I am grateful to our faculty and staff who have been imaginative, nibble, nomadic, and flexible through the pandemic.
  28. I am grateful for our intentional and careful use of technology to maintain teaching/learning while classes were quarantined.
  29. I am grateful to all our many past and present donors that have helped us uphold and maintain our school and programs.
  30. I am grateful to all the faculty who worked hard to build the outdoor classroom furniture for our students.
  31. I am grateful to our Festival Committee who has worked hard to reimagine our festivals this year.
  32. I am grateful to the Outdoor Life Committee that has painstakingly kept our grounds healthy and well taken care of.
  33. I am grateful for all the innovative ideas that have been shared with us in light of the struggles of the pandemic.
  34. I am grateful for the many one-to-one parent meetings I have had and will continue to have as I learn more about our community.
  35. I am grateful for the Anthroposophy training that I received in August through the Center for Anthroposophy which has helped me learn about the spiritual life of our school.
  36. I am grateful for the joyful nursery students I meet every day through my office window who show me their precious rocks and sticks!
  37. I am grateful to our graduating class of 2020 who are leaders in our school and setting positive examples for our youngest students.
  38. I am grateful for the countless volunteers who have helped us this past fall through substitute teaching, running development events, setting up classrooms/offices, maintaining our school grounds, and many more initiatives.
  39. I am grateful for all the guidance and wisdom afforded to me by my mentor Lisa Maher.
  40. I am grateful for our Enchanted Caravan pop-up shoppe that served to bring our community together and honor the Enchanted Fair spirit.
  41. I am grateful to Coleen Ryan for her work as our Admission Director and bringing amazing new families and students to our community.
  42. I am grateful to Anita Haller-O’Neill for her work as our Business Manager and ensuring the smooth running of many of our operations.
  43. I am grateful to Jack Hogan for his work as our Facilities Manager and for maintaining a safe and operational school and grounds.
  44. I am grateful to Gretchen MacKilligan for her work as our Main Office Manager and for ensuring the smooth running of many operations/logistics of our school.
  45. I am grateful to Marshunda Smith as her strings teacher and Homeschool Coordinator for her work in organizing a key program at our school as well as bringing performance/music to our students.
  46. I am grateful to Ana Coffey for her work as a firm yet kind 7th-grade teacher and the incredible dramatic productions she brings to our students and families.
  47. I am grateful to Rike Crimmin for the love and care she brings to assisting our Kindergarten class.
  48. I am grateful to Laura Freysinger for her work in assisting the operations of our school as well as leading the lower grades during their afternoon classes.
  49. I am grateful to Jessalyn Hall for taking the plunge to reinvent her curriculum to reflect her classes’ increased time outside and in the Yurt.
  50. I am grateful to Danielle Harrington for guiding our youngest middle school students through this transition as well as leading our Learning Support program.
  51. I am grateful to Kate Hill for working hard to provide a meaningful and loving parent and child class.
  52. I am grateful to Stephanie Irvine for her care and work in helping our young nursery students develop a love for school.
  53. I am grateful to Nathan Kulesza for his work as grade 1 assistant, taking photos for the school, and working to organize the school’s archives.
  54. I am grateful to Caroline for both returning to our school and lovingly guiding our nursery students.
  55. I am grateful to Miranda Ovesen for bringing her sparkly magic in assisting her nursery class.
  56. I am grateful to Branigan Reed for her work in introducing the 1st graders to their life as grade students at our school as well as her work to ensure we are supporting our students in their social and emotional development.
  57. I am grateful to Cristan Vineis for supporting and caring for her kindergarten class and leading them through a round of distance learning.
  58. I am grateful to Deann Reyes-Wangh for her work in inspiring young mathematicians as well as ensuring our students maintain a healthy balance of activity through her Movement class.
  59. I am grateful to Rebecca Rugo for kindly and gently leading her 4th-grade class as well as supporting them through two rounds of distance learning.
  60. I am grateful to Lucy Walker for her work in supporting all early childhood classes through Lucy’s Cafe and caring for our aftercare students.
  61. I am grateful to Amanda Wiederhold for instilling a love of reading and writing to all our middle school students.
  62. I am grateful to Vanya Yoors for guiding our 8th graders to be leaders as well as supporting the adults in the spiritual life of our school.
  63. I am grateful to Heather Collis Puro for inspiring a love of hand-made items as well as her incredible work as interim Administrator last school year.
  64. I am grateful to Keirstan Hazzard for her loving and gentle approach to leading our nursery students.
  65. I am grateful to Kati Manning for inspiring a love of language to all our grades students.
  66. I am grateful to Michael Mansur for the passion he brings to his science and nature classes as well as the love he shows all his students in the aftercare program.
  67. I am grateful to JoAnne McDonough and Vanuza De Souza for their hard work in keeping our school sanitized and clean.
  68. I am grateful to have attended the Lantern Walk and experience this beautiful and reverent tradition.
  69. I am grateful for the many teaching strategies that Waldorf teachers use to bring forth each child’s unique talents and skills.
  70. I am grateful for meeting with many of our alumni who have shared all the reasons they love our school.
  71. I am grateful to Zoe Cohen and Jessica Brand for their genius work and ideas on our school’s marketing efforts.
  72. I am grateful to Megan Reyes-Wangh for her support, expertise, and work as our medical expert as we navigate the pandemic.
  73. I am grateful to the entire Finance Committee for their hard work in leading our school through navigating, often challenging economic waters.
  74. I am grateful for the shelter provided by our outdoor canopies while our teachers did their very best to teach outdoors.
  75. I am grateful to have been able to watch our campus transition from lush summer foliage to bright and fiery fall colors.
  76. I am grateful for our “walled garden” and the colorful and plentiful zinnias it produced all summer.
  77. I am grateful to the entire Learning Support Committee for their work in supporting ALL of our students in their various learning journeys.
  78. I am grateful that we are part of a wider network of Waldorf Schools around the world in which we can lean on for support and learning from each other.
  79. I am grateful for our many special Waldorf traditions and history.
  80. I am grateful to all our families and employees that religiously fill out their MyMedBot questionnaires every day which help to keep our community healthy.
  81. I am grateful to all the many local private schools that we are connected to and can share best practices.
  82. I am grateful for the kind welcome, warmth, and love our community has shown me and my family as we continue to get adjusted to the North School and our school.
  83. I am grateful to all the teachers and students who have made and maintain our many magical trails on our property.
  84. I am grateful for the first magical Halloween walk event that was created by many teachers and students.
  85. I am grateful to all the former teachers and administrators that have led the school over the last 34 years.
  86. I am grateful for the regular opportunity to meet with our community during the All Community Meetings (ACM) as well as everyone’s thoughtful questions and insights shared during these meetings.
  87. I am grateful to each member of the search committee and their robust search process (and I am grateful that I was hired for the job!).
  88. I am grateful to Kim Indresano for taking beautiful photos of our students and faculty during photo day.
  89. I am grateful for our little lending library and watching students stop to borrow a book on their way home!
  90. I am grateful for the opportunity to join my fellow teachers in the classroom with our students.
  91. I am grateful to belong to such a community that values kindness, generosity, and genuine care.