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The WCA held a New Family Welcome Table at the 1 pm dismissal last week and enjoyed meeting some of our new families. The WCA also held its first general meeting this past week. We welcomed many new faces and a full schedule of activities and programs to keep us busy this year.  These monthly meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm at school. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 8th.

There are a number of activities coming up that we hope you will consider attending or supporting. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up:

You’ve got a buddy!
New families are being paired with seasoned families to be their buddy. You can look forward to email introductions from the WCA by the end of September.

Earth Oven underway
The Earth Oven Restoration Project is underway. The last of the materials are being acquired and we are looking for parents and students to help with construction. Our goal is to have the oven available for the Fall and Winter festival season. If you want to lend a hand, contact Linda Wrinn at wca@waldorfmoraine.org.

Class Parents Gathering, Oct. 10
The WCA will host the first Class Parent Gathering on Thursday, October 10th from 6:30- 8:30 pm. Each class has a designated Class Parent(s) who plays a supportive role for your child’s class teacher. At this gathering, class parents will receive information about the resources available and helpful tips on how to make the role work best for everyone in the class. All Class Parents are asked to attend. If a class parent has not yet been selected, come and find out if you would like to volunteer.

Lunch for Faculty
To show appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work our faculty and staff put into caring for our children, the WCA will provide a parent-prepared lunch for faculty and staff every month. The first lunch is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 27. If you would like to contribute ingredients or help prepare the meal, please contact Jessica Brand-Alves at brand.jessica@gmail.com.

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