Educational Support

Our Educational Support Committee comprises faculty, an Extra Lesson teacher and the school’s Learning Support Liaison, all of whom have experience and training in special or remedial education. The group works out of a structure within our overall educational model to recognize and address children in need of educational support.

Applications from prospective students for admission with a known need for Educational Support are reviewed by the Educational Support Committee. Some of the key criteria the committee is interested in includes the ability of the student to access the curriculum and be a successful member of the class as a whole. We review current school reports, testing, IEPs, and other evaluations to determine our ability to serve the child through a partnership with the parents. If we believe that we are able to successfully meet the child’s educational needs, we will proceed with our standard interview process, which includes inviting the student for a visit and an Extra Lesson Assessment, and will include proposing outside professional support where we feel necessary.