Admissions Process & Checklist

The best way to learn more about Waldorf Education and all that it has to offer, is to visit our school. We offer regularly scheduled tours and observation mornings so you can see Waldorf Education in action. Open houses and curriculum evenings are also scheduled throughout the year, giving you a chance to tour the building and meet the faculty, parents and students.

1. Visit

Prospective applicant parents are encouraged to experience Waldorf Education through one of our Open Classroom Tours. Upcoming tours are listed on our homepage. If you cannot find a tour that fits your schedule, please contact Erin Milner at 978-927-1936 or email to schedule a tour.

2. Apply 

Complete the application form (Early Childhood ApplicationGrades Application) and submit to the Admissions Office along with:

    • A Records Release Form must be submitted to your child’s current school. Please release school records from past 2-3 years, including any evaluations, to Waldorf School at Moraine Farm.
    • Non-refundable application fee ($75 for Elementary & Middle School, $50 for Early Childhood).
    • Please refer to our Educational Support section for more information about this process for children with special learning needs.
3. Tuition Assistance

Making Waldorf education accessible to families is important to us. Parents of prospective students may complete a FACTS application online at the same time as their admissions application. Eligible candidates will be notified of their award upon their child’s acceptance into the school. Please refer to our Tuition Assistance section and Financial Aid FAQ for more information.

3. Interview

Upon receipt of your application documents, a family interview will be arranged with two teachers: your child’s prospective class teacher and another member of our faculty. Your child will not be interviewed, per se, but will have an opportunity to get to know the teachers and ask any questions he or she may have.

4. Child Visit

Your child will join the class in session so that our teachers may get to know your child and observe him/her within the class group.

  • Kindergarten applicants will be invited to join a Kindergarten class in session from 8 am to 1 pm.
  • Children applying for First Grade will be invited to join a Kindergarten class in session from 8 am to 1 pm so that the teachers may observe his/her social, emotional and physical readiness for First Grade. Please plan to attend our First Grade Readiness and Curriculum Presentation in January to learn more about developmental milestones for this important transition.
  • Children applying to Grades 2-8 will join the class for three consecutive days. During your child’s visit, the class teacher and subject teachers will have an opportunity to observe your child’s developmental capacities across academic, social, artistic, and physical aspects of the curriculum.
  • Your child will also receive an Extra Lesson Assessment to assess sensorimotor development informing higher learning capacities.
5. Enrollment

Contracts are due back, with a $200 enrollment deposit, within 10 days of receipt. Wait-listed applicants will be notified of openings as soon as they arise.

6. School Entrance

Upon enrollment, you can expect to receive the following to support your transition into the school:

  • You will receive a class list to join class activities, and arrange play dates and carpooling.
  • Your child’s teacher will be in touch regarding preparations and upcoming meetings for the new school year and to schedule a home visit for your child. This is a special one-on-one time to support your child’s transition into the school.
  • In July, you will receive an orientation packet with all necessary documentation for school entrance. In addition, there will be paperwork to be completed for your child’s file prior to the opening of school.
  • The school newsletter and website provide community news, information and updates to our school calendar. Be sure to consult these on a regular basis.
  • Our New Parent Reception at the beginning of the school year will give you an opportunity to meet other parents and members of our Administration.

Admissions Acceptance Criteria

New students are accepted based on their ability to successfully engage in the curriculum through a solid and healthy partnership which includes student, teachers, parents and the school. We also consider our school’s suitability for the students age, ability or special educational needs. Waldorf School at Moraine Farm bases enrollment decisions on criteria that best serve the healthy development of the child and the social health of the class. If at any point in the admissions process it is determined that these criteria are not able to be met, our Admissions Director will be in touch to end the process.